SIMPLY GORJESS is a small Australian business, based on the Central Coast, NSW.

SIMPLY GORJESS found its roots in 2014, when an expecting Mumma to be found it near impossible to find trendy, hip clothing at a reasonable price. So the young Mumma to be began drafting some of her own creative ideas onto paper. Some funky, personalised designs for her future son.

Once she had slowly saved up what she needed to buy all her materials, she then began hand crafting these drafted ideas. At first she planned to create these items purely for just her son, but soon began to find it was an enjoyable hobby of hers.

SIMPLY GORJESS has expanded its doors, now offering a wide variety of trendy, custom and personalised designs for all your little ones. We hope you enjoy our range just as much as we did creating it. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for more of our new and upcoming, uniquely hand made designs.

Happy shopping,
Jess xx